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カテゴリ:Set List( 8 )
#026 Set List



17:00~17:20 ぽこ
Coming Soon...

17:20~17:40 だいすけ
ローザルクセンブルグ / デリックさん物語
ニューエストモデル / こたつ内紛争
メスカリンドライブ / マウンテンバイクフロムヘブン
ウリチパン郡 / アトランティス
ゆらゆら帝国 / 夜行性の生き物3匹

17:40~18:00 GusetDJ:コデイン
The Jam / Going Underground
The Clash / (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
The Jam / All Mod Cons
The Specials / Rat Race
The Jam / Heat Wave
Generation X / One Hundred Punks
Madness / Our House

18:00~18:20 にしまき
a Perfect Circle / Judith
Fiona Apple / Fast As You Can
Tara Jane O’neil / Need No Pony
Ministry / Lay Lady Lay
The Polyphonic Spree / Running Away

18:20~18:40 フニコラーレ
Shugo Tokumaru/Rum Her
Fleet Foxes/White Winter
Panda Bear/Comfy In Nautica
Ivy/Get Out Of The City
Nobody&Mystic Chords Of Memory/Coyote Song(When You Hear It Too!)
Electric President/I'm Not The lonely Sun(I'm The Ghost)

18:40~19:30 GusetDJ:SG 
Coming Soon...

19:30~20:00 だいすけ
James Brown / Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Pt. 1
Chubby Checker / Pony Time
Eli 'paperboy' Reed & The True Loves / The Satisfier
The Detroit Conbras / The Real Things
Explosion Hearts / I'm A Pretender
The Birthday / Lucca
The Neatbeats / 59BAR
The Who / Put The Money Down
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / Going Up the Country
The Strokes / Someday

20:00~20:30 GusetDJ:コデイン
Supersuckers / Creepy Jackalope Eye
Seaweed / Losing Skin
Tripping Daisy / I Got A Girl
Husker Du / Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Chavez / Pentagram Ring
Polvo / Vibracobra
Sugar / Gift
Slint / Rhonda

20:30~21:00 ぽこ
Coming Soon...

21:00~21:30 にしまき
The Cramps / Thee Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
Sparks / Lighten Up, Morrissey
Headless Heroes / Just Like Honey
Beck / Gamma Ray
Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Zero
Jane’s Addiction / Just Because
The Bawdies / Emotion Potion
RCサクセション / スカイパイロット
Rufus Wainwright / I Don’t Know What It Is

21:30~22:00 フニコラーレ
Tinted Windows/Kind Of A Girl
Fountains Of Wayne/Stacy's Mum
Nada Surf/Imaginary Friends
Bright Eyes/Hot Knives
The pains Of Being Pure At Heart/Everything With You
Subways/Rock&Roll Queen
The Submarines/Peace&Hate
by ofsongs | 2009-05-24 23:09 | Set List
#025 Set List
17:00~ にしまき
アレルギー / Our Time
P-MODEL / Heaven
INU / 305
スターリン / 天プラ
FRICTION / Cool Fool
E.D.P.S. / Nigashita Hajimari
あぶらだこ / アンテナは絶対
17:20~ フニコラーレ
Bloc Party/HALO
The Ting Tings / Shut Up And Let Me Go
It's A Musical / The Music Makes Me Sick
Prefuse73 featuring School of 73 Bells / The Class of 73 Bells
France Gal / 夢見るシャンソン人形(日本語バージョン)
Jose Gonzales / Teardrop

17:40~ ぽこ
Fleet Foxes / White Winter Hymnal
Vivian Girls / Where Do You Run To
Hallelujah The Hills / Wave Backwards To Massachusetts
Eberg / Inside Your Head
Deerhunter / Never Stop
Gregory & The Hawk / Ghost

18:00~ アオッキーだいすけ
Lily Allen / The Fear
Animal Collective / Brother Sport
Mercury Rev / Senses On Fire
Chin Up Chin Up / The Architect Has a Gun (RS/GM Mix)
Death Cab For Cutie / A Movie Script Ending
Ian Love / The Only Night
Albert Hammond, Jr. / Bargain Of The Century

18:40~ Tracy Jacks
Foo Fighters / Breakout
Pearl Jam / spin the black circle
Ministry / Jesus Built My Hotrod
Marilyn Manson / Rock Is Dead
KORN / Twisted Transistor
Smashing Pumpkins / frail and bedazzeled
Alice In Chains / I Stay Away
Eddie Vedder / Hard Sun

19:10~ Guest Dj BOB
Blonde Redhead / Equally Damaged
Badly Drawn Boy / My Friend Cubilas
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead / Richter Scale Madness
Fugazi / Public Witness Program
The Buzzcocks / Love You More
The Flaming Lips / Turn It On
The Nerves / Paper Dolls
Brad / The Day Brings
Manic Street Preachers / Stay Beautiful
Chris Whitley / Narcotic Prayer
Don Caballero / For Respect
Wipers / Mystery
Shellac / Rush Job
The Replacements / Favorite Thing
Swervedriver / How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy?

19:50~ フニコラーレ
Wedding Presents / Crawl
Lush / de-luxe
Chapterhouse / Falling Down
Ride / Chelsea Girl
Pale Saints / Fell From The Sun
Bubblegum Lemonade / Unsafe At Any Speed
Mansun / Negative
The Bodinees / Skankin Queens
The My Bloody Valentine / Soft As Snow(But Warm Inside)

20:20~ Guest DJ Seq and 玉川~(仮名)
내가 고백을 하면 깜짝 놀랄 꺼야 / 산울림
吉幾三×Capsule×DaftPunk×BeastieBoys StarrySky - IKZOLOGIC Remi
New summer boy / NATSUMEN
ビックラゲーション / 坂本龍一
NIKKI / バート・バカラックオーケストラ&コーラス
演歌・血液ガッタガタ / バラクーダー
カジノ・ロワイヤル / ハーブ・アルバート&ティファナ・ブラス
パネルクイズアタック25 / 山下毅雄
マルチスコープ / 大滝詠一
バンドはルックス / 小林克也とザ・ナンバーワン・バンド
Evangeli‐ondo / Motoki soundsystem

21:00~ アオッキーだいすけ
My Bloody Valentine / She Loves You No Less
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart / Come Saturday
Asobi Seksu / Me & Mary
Yo La Tengo / Sugarcube
Dinosaur Jr. / The Wagon
Serena Maneesh / Drain Cosmetics
Keith / Up In The Clouds
U2 / Get On Your Boots
Belle & Sebastian / I'm Waiting For The Man [Live]

21:30~ ぽこ
Velvet Crush / Superstar
Deleys / Touch Down
Silent Alliance / Detachment
Felt / Primitive Painters
Sad Days For Puppets / Hush
Red Light Company / Scheme Eugene
Bubblegum Lemonade / Susan's In The Sky
Attic Light / God
The Envy Corps / Story Problem
by ofsongs | 2009-03-15 22:00 | Set List
#024 Set List
17:00~  だいすけ
Sigur Ros / Gobbledigook
Mercury Rev / Senses On Fire
M83 / Don't Save Us From The Flames
Hot Chip / Ready For The Floor
Neon Neon / I Told Her on Alderaan
Glasvegas / Geraldine

17:20~ フニコラーレ
Battles / Ddiamondo
Asobi Seksu / Strawberries
Marnie Stern / Vibrational Match
Lacrosse / So Sad
Deerhoof / +81
Buffalo Daughter / Valcanic Girl
Animal Collective / Unsolved Mysteries
Aphex Twin / Come To Daddy(Pappy Mix)

17:50~ Guest DJ Zodiac
Get To Be Someone / David Potts
The Upstairs Room / Veil Veil Vanish (The Cure)
Between Us & Them / Moving Units
Big Boy / Minuteman
Remember Me / British Sea Power
Reckless Hope / Venus Beads
See You / Power Of Dreams
Anarchy In The UK / The Godfathers(Sex Pistols)

18:20~ Guest DJ:ishida

18:50~ にしまき
The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead (live)
Echo & the Bunnymen / Rescue
The Cure / The Hanging Garden
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry / Spinning Round
Toyah! / Indecision
Siouxsie & the Banshees / Spellbound
Killing Joke / Eighties
Jesus & the Mary Chain / Never Understand

19:20~ だいすけ
New Order / Blue Monday
Metronomy / The End Of You Too
Keith / Back There
Magazine / Definitive Gaze
Dukes Of Stratosphear / Bike Ride To The Moon
XTC / Life Begins At The Hop
Devo / Wiggly World
Swelle Maps / H.S.Art
No Age / Eraser
The Killers / Human
Supercar / Fairway
Blur / Girls & Boys

20:00~ フニコラーレ
Wonderful / Adrianne
Broadcast / American Boy
Ultra Vivid Scene / Staring At The Sun
Of Montreal / Inside A Room Full Of Treasure A Black Pygmy House's Head Pops Up Like A Periscope
Space / Me&You Vs The World
XTC / Mayor Of The Simpleton
Roger Nichols / Don't Take You Time
Marianne Faithful / As Tears Go By
April March / Chick Habit
The Hepburns / Tokyo Rollarball Cheerleader Chant

20:30~ Guest DJ:Zodiac
Never / The House Of Love
As High As You Can Go / The Chameleons
D For Disire / All About Eve
Is It A Dream / Classix Nouneaux
Hello,I Love You / Adam Ant(The Doors)
Dircotheque / U2
Set The House Ablaze / The Jam (live/Dig The New Breed 82)
Diana / Kenzi & The Trips
Preacher Man / Fields Of The Nephilim (87)

21:00~ Guest DJ:ishida

21:30~ にしまき
Ben Watt / On Box Hill
The Icicle Works / Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
The Wedding Present / Brassneck
Felt / Grey Streets
Julian Cope / Trampolene
Venus Peter / Every Planets Son
Primal Scream / Ivy Ivy Ivy
Kate Bush / Wuthering Heights
by ofsongs | 2009-01-11 22:26 | Set List
#005 Set List

DJ カワシマン
M83 / Teen Angst
スーパーカー / Storywriter
The Rapture / House Of Jealous Lovers
The Go! Team / Huddle Formation (Zane Lowe Session)
Moby / Very
Modjo / Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Fantastic Plastic Machine / Tell Me
Atomic Hooligan / Head
Junior Senior / Take My Time
Underworld / Jumbo (Live)
New Order / Waiting For The Sirens' Call

DJ にしまき
"Remember Manchester! Can You Hear Me?"
Inspiral Carpets / Real Thing
The Charlatans / The Only One I Know
The Stone Roses / One Love
The Soup Dragons / I’m Free
James / Come Home
Flowered Up / Take It
Northside / Take 5
Ocean Colour Scene / Sway
My Bloody Valentine / Soon
Happy Mondays / Wrote For Luck
808State / Pacific
Primal Scream / Movin’on Up
New Order / Here To Stay

DJ だいすけ
Smash Mouth / Pacific Coast Party
The Rentals / Getting By
Summercamp / Nowhere Near
Fountains Of Wayne / Lost In Space
Third Eye Blind / Semi-Charmde Life
Weezer / Why Bother ?
Franz Ferdinand / Do You Want To
Blur / Song2
The Vines / Ride
Nine Black Alps / Not Everyone
Feeder / Just A Day
Oasis / Stay Young
Oasis / Mukey's Finger
The Strokes / Hard To Explain
The Libertines / Don't Look Back Into The Sun

DJ フニコラーレ
the devoted / I Love George Best
The Flying Lizards / Tutti Frutti
The King Of Luxembourg / Valleri
au revoir simone / Where You Go
Le Tigre / Seconds
Sondre Lerche / Dead Passengers
boutique / Strawberries&Cream
The Most Serene Republic / Content Was Always My Favourite Colour
World Of Twist / She's A Rainbow
Cocteau Twins / Lorelei
Gene / Haunted By You
The Polyphonic Spree / Hanging Around
Bell&Sebathtian / I'm A Cuckoo
Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacCOLL / Fairytale Of New York
Electoric Six / Guy Bar
The Jesus And Mary Chain / Just Like Honey

DJ acco
The Electric Soft Paraid / Take Me Back
The Little Flames / Goodbye Little Rose
Raising Kain / Kristen
Arctic Monkeys / I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
Black Wire / Hard To Love Easy To Lay
The Hair / Bunny Boiler
Delays / Swallowing The Silence
Stoney / Until You Leave
The Charlatans / How Can You Leave Us
The Blinds / Martini
Milburn / Send In The Boys
Arctic Monkeys / Still Take You Home (bbc radio1 live 3rd Oct '05 at Manchester)
Hard-Fi / Gotta Reason
The Libertines / Hooligans On E
Objects / You Want Me
The Libertines / Smashing
The Pogues / Rain Street
Test Icicles / Boa VS Python
Death From Above 1979 / Romantic Rights

Editors / Fingers In The Factories
Franz Ferdinand / This Boy
Polysics / ドモアリガトミスターロボット
The Darkness / I Believe In Thing Called Love
Veruca Salt / Volcano Girls
Green Day / Redundant
The Rentals / Waiting
that dog. / Never Say Never
Ride / Like A Daydream
Kula Shaker / Hey Dude
The Bluetones / Slight Return
Travis / Tied To The 90's
Suede / Beautiful Ones
Blur / Chemical World
by ofsongs | 2005-11-13 22:38 | Set List
#004 Set List

DJ フニコラーレ
Toppertjes / Geen Andere Club Is Beter Dan Mijn Feyenoord
Candy Flip / Strawberryfields Forever
The Dylans / Planet Love
Space / Me&You Vs The World
Bardie / Such A Sound
Portishead / All Mine
Pigbag / Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag
Sonic Youth / Kool Thing
Bridgit Bardot / Harley Davidson
The Bens / Stop!
The Three O'clock / Jet Fighter
Os Mutantes / Pons It Orcenses
The Hives / Hate To Say I Told You So
The Mamas&The Papas / Dedicated To The One I Love
Dimitri From Paris / Love Love Mode

DJ だいすけ
Patrick Wolf / The Libertine
...And You Know Us By The Trail Of Dead / World Apart
Desaparecidos / Survival Of The Fittest/It's A Jungle Out There
Bright Eyes / Take It Easy(Love Nothing)
Postal Service / Sleeping In
Chin Up Chin Up / We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers(SS Mix)
Death Cab For Cutie / A Movie Script Ending
The Promise Ring / Suffer Never
Mew / Apocalypso
Youth Group / Shadowrun
Supercar / Recreation
Six By Seven / Bochum(Light Up My Life)
Fans Of Kate / I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands
Longwave / There's A Fire

DJ acco
1984 / God Is In The TV
The Cribs / Martell
Littl'ans Feat. Pete Doherty / Their Way
Maximo Park / Kiss You Better
Veto Silver / When You're With That Girl
Milburn / Showroom
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah / To The Ramones
The Pogues / London Girl
Mobius Band / Starts Off With A Bang
British Sea Power / Carrion
The Libertines / Lazy Sunday
The Clash / Rock The Casbah
The Pigeon Detectives / Don't know How To Say Goodbye
The Ordinary Boys / Skull & Bones
Rasing Kain / Baby, Am Amazed (the band is no longer Kain)
Hot Hot Heat / Goodnight Goodnight
Komakino / Say Something

DJ にしまき
From OST "Kill Bill 1." / Twisted Nerve
Fatboy Slim / Praise You
The Dresden Dolls / Girl Anachronism
The Subways / Holiday
Myro / Destroy Rock & Roll (insert:Missing Persons / Words)
Kim Wilde / Kids In America
The La's / Timeless Melody
The Raveonettes / Love In A Trashcan
David Lee Roth / California Girls
The Beach Boys / Good Vibration
Blur / She's So High
Hole / Malibu
All Saints / Pure Shores
Dexys Midnight Runners / Geno
The Breakaways / That's How It Goes

Bob Marley&The Wailers / Get Up,Stand Up
Mute Beat / 道しるべ
The Clash / Bankrobber
The Dead 60s / You're Not The Law
The Ordinary Boys / Life Will Be The Death Of Me
Nine Black Alps / Shot Down
Pearl Jam / Spin The Black Circle
Bruce Springsteen / Born To Run
R.E.M. / Get Up
Gang Of Four / Not Great Men
U2 / Even Better Than The Real Thing
The Jeevas / How Much Do You Suck
Newest Model / 雑種天国
The Wonder Stuff / The Size Of A Cow
Whiteout / No Time
Ride / Twisterella

DJ カワシマン
くるり / Superstar
Kylie Minogue / Love At First Sight
Bloc Party / Positive Tension
Junior Senior / We are the Handcraps
Cake / Comfort Eagle
Ben Folds Five / Where's Summer B.?
The Strokes / Someday
The Killers / Mr Brightside
Lou Barlow / Caterpillar Girl
Bright Eyes / Light Pollution
The Presidents of United States of America / Lump
The Stone Roses / She Bangs The Drums
Teenage Fanclub / I Don't Know
The Who / Baba O'Riley
by ofsongs | 2005-09-04 00:00 | Set List
#003 Set List
DJ acco
Vincent Vincent and The Villains / On My Own
The Others / Lacky
Milburn / Lipstick Lickin'
Maximo Park / The Coast Is Always Changing
Interpol / C'mere
The Ordinary Boys / Boys Will Be Boys
Thee Unstrung / Contrary Mary
Arctic Monkeys / Fake Tales Of San Francisco

Silver Sun / Lies
The Beach Boys / Help Me,Rhonda
Teenage Fanclub / The Cabbage
The Black Crowes / Sting Me
Los Lobos / Mas Y Mas
Cake / Love You Madly
The Coral / So Long Ago
The La's / I Can't Sleep
Suede / Animal Nitrate
The Departure / Talkshow
Maximo Park / Going Missing
The Futureheads / Decent Days And Nights
Nine Black Alps / Cosmopolitan
Rosso / シャロン
Dinosaur Jr / What Else Is New

DJ にしまき
Fatboy Slim / Demons
Puffy AmiYumi / Hi Hi
Foo Fighters / Monkey Wrench
Rammstein / Asche Zu Asche
Vitalic / My Friend Dario
The Coral / The Operator
The Ordinary Boys / One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)
Billie Davis / Make The Feeling Go Away
Johnny Boy / You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve (長っ!)
Kaiser Chiefs / Na Na Na Na Naa
The Go! Team / Bottle Rocket
Beach Boys / Soulful Old Man Sunshine
Takkyu Ishino / The Rising Sun
Duran Duran / Rio
Announcement To The Crowd ~from Fatboy Slim / Big Beach Boutique 2

DJ フニコラーレ
New Order / World In Motion
Rob Zombie / Blitzkrieg Pop
Athlete / El Salvador
New Buffalo / Recovery
Weezer / The Good Life
Death Cab For Cutie / This Charming Man
Echo&The Bunnymen / The Back Of Love
The Future Heads / Alms
Maximo Park / Graffiti
Lisa Loeb / Taffy
Primal Scream / Some Velvet Morning
Billy Corgan / DIA
Aqualung / Brighter Than Sunshine
Pastel Vespa / L'anachie dans L'U.K.
Aztec Camera / The Boy Wonder

DJ カワシマン
The Go! Team / Lady Flash
電気グルーヴ×スチャダラパー / 聖☆おじさん
The Stone Roses / Elephant Stone
The Magic Numbers / Forever Lost
Cato Salsa Experience / So, The Circus Is Back In Town
くるり / 地下鉄

DJ だいすけ
100s / Honeycom.Ware
Doves / Pounding
Interpol / Nex Exit
The Departure / Be My Enemy
The Arcade Fire / Neigthborhood #3
Pearout / 爆裂世界~世界に追い越されても~
Kaither Chiefs / I Perfect A Riot
The Coral / In The Morinig
Hal / Play The Hits
Charlotte Hatherley / Bastard
Ash / Burn Baby Burn
Weezer / Surf Wax America
Coldplay / Yellow (Live)
Oasis / Don't Look Back In Anger (Live)

DJ ぽこ
The Knack / My Sharona
Teenage Fanclub / Ain't That Enough
Roddy Frame / Reason For Living
Eddi Reader / All Or Nothing
Echo&The Bunnymen / The Killing Moon
The La's / There She Goes
Los Lobos / Viking
Beck / Loser
Mercury Rev / Across Yer Ocean
808 State / In Yer Face
Denki Groove / Dareda!
New Order / Krafty (Japanese Ver)
Primal Scream / Shoot Speed (Live in Japan)
by ofsongs | 2005-07-10 00:00 | Set List
#002 Set List
United Future Organization / Loud Minority
The Fifth Avenue Band / One Way Or The Other
Paul Williams / Someday Man
The Voices Of East Harlem / Simple Song Of Freedom
Stevie Wonder / Happy Birthday
Fine Young Cannibals / Good Thing
Tokyo No.1 Soul Set / Jive My Revolver
Fun Lovin' Criminals / Scooby Snacks
Zoobombs / Tighten Rap
Subway Sect / Ambition
Elvis Costello / Pony St.
Blur / Jubilee
Pre-School / You Say Go I Go
They Might Be Giants / Ana Ng
Cast / Finetime

DJ カワシマン
Benjamin Diamond / Little Scare
Blur / Advert
Buffalo Daughter / Volcanic Girl
The Strokes / You Talk Way Too Much
Ninian Hawick / Scottish Rite Temple Stomp
The Dismemberment Plan / A Life of Possibilities
くるり / Hometown
Yo La Tengo / Sugarcube

DJ ぽこ
Teenage Fanclub / Sparky's Dream
The Railway Children / 67
Sister Vanilla / Jamcolas
Chapterhouse / Greater Power
Elliott Smith / Coast To Coast
The Warlocks / Stone Hearts
Spiritualized / Run
Lupine Howl / The Jam That Ate Itself
The Verve / Slide Away
The Beta Band / Assessment
Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart featuring Sinead O'Connor / Visions Of You
Kula Shaker / Under The Hammer

DJ だいすけ
Razorlight / Somewhere Else
The Rakes / Retreat
The Departure / Lump In My Throat
Hard-Fi / Tied Up Too Tight
Dead '60 / Riot Radio
The Ordinary Boys / Little Bitch
The Clash / Police On My Back
The Jam / Town Called Malice
Blondie / The Tide Is High
The Go-Go's / Vacation
Tracey Ullman / Breakaway
Fountains Of Wayne / Denise
The Yum Yum's / Come On Come On
Green Day / Minority
R.E.M / It's The End Of The World

DJ フニコラーレ
The Manchester United / Come On You Reds
Wonderful / Adrianne
Virna Lindt / Attention Stockholm
Ok Go / Get Over It
Duffy / London Girls
Girls At Our Best! / Fast Boyfriends
Space kelly / Die Shonstern Madchen Gibt Es In Amsterdam
Engineers / Forgiveness
Bis / Action And Drama
Kaada / Care
Her Space Holiday / Ringing In My Ears
Terry,Blair and Anouchka / Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme
Les Negresses Vertes / La Danse Des Negresses Vertes
Jarond / Spring Forward, Fall Back
Orange Juice / Falling And Laughing

DJ acco
Black Wire / Attack! Attack! Attack!
The Detroit Cobras / Last Nite (covering The Strokes)
The Treliks / Mexican Road Movie
The Ronettes / Be My Baby
The Libertines / Up The Bracket
Special Needs / Francesca
Arctic Monkeys / Scummy
Baby Shambles / Killamangiro
Smiths / Ask

DJ にしまき
Spectrum / How You Satisfy Me
OST / Modesty Blaise Main Theme 映画:唇からナイフ、サントラ
James Taylor Quartet / The Stooge
Makin'Time / Eating Up The Cold
The Ordinary Boys / The List Goes On
The Beatles / Only A Nothern Song
Slow Bongo Floyd / So Cool
Transvision Vamp / I Want Your Love
Shampoo / Cars:Gary Numan cover
Bow Wow Wow / C30.C60.C90 Go
Something Corporate / Punk Rock Princess
Blondie / Living In The Real World
The Charlatans / Jesus Hairdo
Spearmint / Sweeping The Nation
The Verve / Bitter Sweet Symphony
by ofsongs | 2005-05-01 00:00 | Set List
#001 Set List
DJ ぽこ
The Style Council / Our Favourite Shop
Hurrah! / Who‘d’ve Thought
Sugar / Slick
Mano Negra / The Revel Spell
Primal Scream / Impelial
The Sugarcubes / Vitamin
Ocean Colour Scene / You've Got It Bad
The Waterboys / Don't Bang The Drum
Yo La Tengo / You Can Have It All
Mercury Rev / Bronx Cheer
The Flaming Lips / Trains,Brains&Rain
New Order / Regret
Interpol / Obstacle 1
Depeche Mode / Enjoy The Silence(Reinterpreted)
Orbital / One Perfect Sunrise

DJ にしまき
Death In Vegas / Leather
Echobelly / I Can't Imagine The World Without Me
The Concretes / You Can't Hurry Love
Adam Ant / Friend Or Foe
The Divine Comedy / National Express
Kaiser Chiefs / I Predict A Riot
Mens We@r / Sleeping In
The Go! Team / Bottle Rocket
The Primitives / Shine
Paris Angels / Perfume
Belle And Sebastian / Legal Man
The Wonder Stuff / That's Entertainment
The Charlatans / One To Another
The Style Council / Walls Come Tumbling Down
The Times / Manchester

DJ フニコラーレ
Arsenal / Good Old Arsenal
Death Cab For Cutie / New Year
St.Etienne / I Was Born On Christmasday
The Hepburns / Tokyo Rollerball Cheerleader Chant
Bad Dream Fancy Dress / Curry Crazy
Ben Kweller / Wasted&Ready
Of Montreal / Inside A Room Full Of Treasure A Black Pygmy House's Head Pops Up Like A Periscope(長っ!)
Biff Bang Pow! / Better Life
Chantal Goya / Tu M'as Trop Menti(映画「男性・女性」挿入曲)
Royksopp / Poor Reno
Stina Nordenstam / Viewd From The Spain
The Cramps / Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Bright Eyes / Take It Easy(Love Nothing)
Ultra Vivid Scene / Staring At The Sun
Stars / Ageless Beauty

Paul Weller / Sunflower
No Way Sis / I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
Manic Street Preachers / Prologue To History
Daisy Chainsaw / Love Your Money
The Vines / Get Free
Veruca Salt / Seether
少年ナイフ / ロケットにのって
The Lemonheads / I'll Do It Anyway
G.Love&Special Sauce / Kiss And Tell
Ian Dury&The Blockheads / Sex&Drags&Rock&Roll
Blur / Advert
Junior Senior / Chicks And Dicks
Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown
The Who / I Can't Explain
Belle And Sebastian / Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie
Gene / Fighting Fit

DJ だいすけ
Pulp / Common People
The Killers / Somebody Told To Me
Graham Coxon / Spectacular
The Caves / Wow Machine
Caesars Palace / Jeak It Up
Thirteen:13 / Perfect Impression
Ash / Teenage Kicks
Supergrass / Mansize Rooster
The Supernaturals / Smil
Keane / This Is The Last time
Doves / Black And White Town
Midget / Daydream Believer
Manic Street Preachers / A Design For Life
by ofsongs | 2005-02-27 00:00 | Set List